Safety Rules on the Lake

Members of the club have to accept that Canoeing and Kayaking are assumed risk, water contact sports.  In order to control these risks the following rules have been agreed:

Checking on/off the water

Must check on and off the water by leaving their membership cards in the box provided and collecting them afterwards.

Visiting paddlers must sign on/off in the Log Book.

Paddling restrictions:

May be imposed in adverse weather conditions (eg. high winds, thunderstorms, ice … ) or in the case of environmental risks (eg blue-green algae …)

All paddlers:

Must wear a buoyancy aid

Are strongly advised to wear appropriate shoes

Should not paddle on their own

Must keep away from the closed sections of the lake

Should not swim in the lake

All Junior Members:

Must be supervised on the water by a parent unless taking part in an organised activity.

Are advised to keep close to the bank when being supervised by their parent unless they are with an appropriate leader.


Must wear a buoyancy aid when standing on one of the pontoons.

After paddling please:

Return all equipment to the boat store.

Report any accidents or near misses to the Duty Officer.

Wash hands properly before eating.