Club Membership

The benefits of membership of MKCC include not only access to a beautiful lake, a safe paddling environment and the use of club equipment, but also a full programme of activities for everyone to enjoy.  These benefits are just a part of being a member of the club – but actually it is a little more than just that.

We are hopefully a relaxed and friendly club where everyone is encouraged to take part in a wide variety of activities both on the lake and further afield.   Our focus is on recreational touring and so we organise a range of trips from quiet runs locally on the Ouse or the Nene to exciting white water trips further afield in Wales or on Dartmoor and there are always a couple of expeditions to the coast each year.  

With the rights of membership comes one important responsibility – everyone is expected to do at least two duties a year with either the boat store or the kitchen or in locking or unlocking the club.   We have a duty rota to manage these duties and our duties coordinator will show you how its done.